Patrick A. Burch hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan where he spent many a day in his youth looking up to the 'Weather Ball', muttering to himself, " weather ball blue, colder days in view", and "weather ball red, warmer days ahead".   Not only did he look up, he also looked out from the confines of this all American city.  He went to college in East Lansing, studied improv in Chicago and New York, as well as studied acting at the fabled H.B. Studios in NYC with the great Salem Ludwig.

He has performed in Chicago, New York City, and Las Vegas.  Some of his favorite roles were Serge in Art  by Yasmina Reza, O'Steinberg in The Foul Stench of Death  by Jonas Oppenheim, Pike in Paradise Lost  by Clifford Odets,  and the lead role of Stuart Levine in I Wish to Apologize to the People of Illinois  by Tim Touhy and Andrew Gallant ( both Paradise Lost and I Wish to Apologize... with his theater company, The Agency Theater Collective).

In their review of Paradise Lost , the Chicago Theater Beat said, "Patrick Burch gives a stunning performance as furnace stoker Pike who lost both sons in the war" and "Burch gives a volcanic soliloquy which is a punch to the guts".

The Chicago Tribune reviewed Patrick in I Wish to Apologize to the People of Illinois, saying " as played by Patrick A. Burch, Levine reveals his strangled emotional depths in brief  but effective glimpses" and "Burch clutches at the arms of his chair as if expecting to be blasted into the stratosphere at any moment".

Patrick has most recently focused on film and has performed in many Indie films that have recently been released or are in post production. 

He  just released the half season of his Comedy Web Series, Clown Cop.  He wrote, produced and stars in this zany, dark comedy.   You can find all five episodes at

"I am a series of small victories and large defeats and I am as amazed as any other that I have gotten from there to here" - Charles Bukowski