I hail  from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  There I spent many a day in my youth looking up to the 'Weather Ball',  muttering to myself, " weather ball blue, colder days in view",  weather ball red, warmer days ahead", and weather ball green, no changes foreseen."   It seems everywhere I lived I had a "weather ball",  or something that made it feel like home.

  In the early to late 90's I lived in Chicago,  and studied and performed  improv and theater.  When driving back from Grand Rapids over the holidays, I knew I was home when I saw The Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower) as I came down The Chicago Sky Way.  It  always set me at ease.  It always let me know that I was but a small part of a bigger whole. 

  In 1997, I moved to NYC where I studied and performed more improv and theater. The buildings were so big that it took me a year to figure out how to navigate.  I couldn't find any real tangible landmarks to use as a touchstone.  I eventually used HB Studio,  UCB,  and the many bars that I worked in and frequented.  Also the Twin Towers.  After they fell on 911,  I left a month later.

  Back to G. R.,  back to Chicago,  then to Vegas.  In Vegas,  I used the strip with its garish flashing lights and screaming bells and whistles as my markers.  I studied more improv there and left after only a couple of years because it felt fleeting,  like my many wins and losses on the gaming tables.  The lights furiously blinked me goodbye.

  Back to Chicago and the Willis Tower.  Chicago seemed to be the place  that truly felt like home.  There I studied and performed more improv and theater ,  I was a founding member of  a new theater company,  I created and starred in a web series,  and  I did a bevy of independent films.  But this love affair didn't last. The cold winds and severe weather eventually drove me away.

  In 2016,  I moved to sunny Los Angeles. California.  I'm currently  studying improv, doing t.v. and film, and working on a couple of pilots.  I have a new marker that I see almost every day.  The HOLLYWOOD SIGN.  I feel like I am finally home.  Swimming pools. Movie Stars. And fire.  Lots of fire.

"I am a series of small victories and large defeats and I am as amazed as any other that I have gotten from there to here" - Charles Bukowski